One Step at a time 🌿

As a shoe brand, we are committed to reduce our impact on the environment. Step by step, we work daily to walk towards a more sustainable world.

Production ☘️

Our production is made with great care by local people and whenever we can, we also give preference to local suppliers. This way, we support Portuguese economy and at the same time, we can reduce the carbon footprint.

We try that each pair and its package produces the minimum waste possible.

Materials 🌿

We are proud to manufacture our shoes with true leather because of the quality, durability, and premium aspect. And you may ask if by using leather we can use the term sustainable? And the answer is yes.

Our leathers are a waste from the food industry, plus it is a biodegradable material. If the fashion industry stops using residual leathers, the environmental impact would be much higher.

Ethics & Transparency 🍀

In our factory, we operate according to the legislation. It is very important to us to comply with work security, social security, and finances. Frequently, the factory is submitted to a social audit to ensure that we provide the best working conditions.