Rock n’ Dot – The new brand created by Relance

50’s – The Golden Age of Hollywood and Rock n’ Roll.

So it starts this journey to the past, guided by Rock n’ Dot, a brand inspired by retro style with timeless design for any occasion. 

Currently, we watch on the market the standardization of shoes with the same colour scheme, Rock n’ Dot wants to break this rule and inspire those who follow irreverent and bold styles to express themselves through their shoes. 

This brand, created by Relance Calçados in Santa Maria da Feira, has the motto of bringing joy to the outfits of the boldest with lots of colours while keeping the same quality of the good old days. 

Handmade individually and by order, each pair of shoes brings the wisdom of the Portuguese artisans. The attention to detail, the quality of the materials, and the manual finishes are what make the shoes unique. 

From sandals to boots, there are options for any mood. The names of the models are inspired by women with a Pin-Up style, the greatest characters of the ’50s that represent perfectly the brand message. 

Rock n’ Dot was launched on the past 21st of May, and it’s available online at

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