Relance Very Me in exhibition at the Footwear Museum

Since November 5th, Relance Very Me is forever linked to the history and memory of national footwear. The brand, which was born in the municipality of Oliveira de Azeméis, but whose factory is now located in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, is one of the national labels featured in the collection of the recently opened Footwear Museum.

Relance Very Me offered the Footwear Museum three models that are now part of the museum’s collection, one of which is already on display. In an area reserved for brand collections, you can find a Relance Very Me model, which stands out for being a shoe made in salmon skin. The use of fish skins is not very common in the footwear industry, and this model was developed by the Portuguese brand for the Spring-Summer 2011 collection, at the special request of a client, which ended up becoming an iconic model.

In addition to the yellow shoe, Relance Very Me offered two other models to the Footwear Museum, also made in fish skins that will forever be preserved in the memory of the industry, being a reason for Portugal’s pride.

When visiting the Footwear Museum we can see the evolution of shoes over the centuries to the current production, as well as get to know better the art of master shoemakers. Temporary patents linked to the theme of footwear will also be available, and an area where you can see pairs of shoes that belonged to the most varied national and international personalities, as well as the stories behind them.

If, like us, at Relance Very Me, you love shoes, accept our challenge and visit the Footwear Museum in S. João da Madeira, located in Torre da Oliva, that great business reference of other times, right next to the Museum of Hats.

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