Reading on wheels

Nowadays reading habits are increasingly scarce in the Portuguese community. In order to counter this disinterest, the municipal library of Santa Maria da Feira implemented the project “Leitura em Linhas” which is an itinerant library that goes to county factories.

The project started in 2020, adding 14 adhering factories. Being Relance one of the first to join the initiative with the aim of facilitating and encouraging employees and their families to adopt reading habits. The library comes to Relance every two weeks in the lunch time in order to a greater employee engagement.

The mobile library has 2500 documents among these are books, CDs, DVDs, and magazines. Also has internet support service so that readers can conduct their searches and a tpa terminal available to make payments and bank transfers. In addition to the documents already available, it is possible to request a specific book. In case the library does not have it, there is the suggestions section and usually the library will acquire the requested book.

The content of the books ranges from cookbooks to children´s books, through foreign literature. Being the novel the type with more adhering followed by children’s books, and employees can request for their children or even for themselves when they are in the process of late literacy. There are already cases where people have learned to read by the influence of the project. On the other hand, foreign literature are sought after by those who wish to learn and improve a foreign language or by emigrants who have become accustomed to reading in the second language.

At Relance there has been a good acceptance and enthusiasm from the employees, and the company already has more than 30% active readers.

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