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Stories from a shoemaker

Meet some of our workers


Storage Keeper

This is Andreia, a girl from the great vineyard region of Douro, who found, in Relance, a home to settle in.

Besides her love for the world of shoes, Andreia fell in love and founded her family here.

She works at the Warehouse, and is responsible for the quality control of all materials, to make sure that there are no defects on any of the materials that we use. 

The attentive and careful eyes of our workers are crucial for making the best shoes, and Andreia inspects everything thoroughly to the last detail sending afterwards to the production. 

Her favourite line is Bolonha, one of the most iconic line of Relance. In her words, the model is perfectly designed. (Bolonha Line) shoe1

It’s in the modelling department, where the shoes begin to take shape with the transformation of the designer’s drawing into an exact form, divided by pieces to afterwards proceed to the next phase of the process. Here, we’re able to watch for the 1st time, the prototype of how the shoes will look like.

Counting with an experience of more than 30 years, Vitor it’s a part of our family for 9 years as part of the modelling department. He began his journey with a professional course of modelling in a technical school.

With an attentive look to people feet, he likes to watch different types of shoes to keep himself always updated with the new trends.


His favourite line is Charme (Charme Line) shoe2





Besides being the tallest, Mr João has been a part of our family for 9 years, now. 

Nevertheless, his journey in the world of shoes started a long time ago, 47 years ago, when he was only 13 years. Advice by his parents, he took a modelling course in the heart of the traditional shoe-making centre, discovering his life job. 

He already has done a little of everything, from modelling to the finishes. Now, in the department of finishes, he is responsible for controlling each pair at the end of the process, checking them thoroughly to make sure that there are no defects to afterwards be sent to the clients.


His favourite line is Broom. (Broom Line) shoe3

A master in the art of stitching for 54 years, Dona Olinda is been a part of our family of shoemakers for 13 years.

Everything that she knows today, was taught by a master shoemaker, with all her wisdom so that this form of art and tradition perpetuates through time.

Without knowing it, she discovered that she truly has the special skill to perform such a precise job. She stitches all the pieces from the upper, lining eyelets, laces, cushioning to a 3D preview of what the shoe will look like.

Her favourite line is Shade, one of our fun lines. (Shade Line) shoe4


Sewing Manager