Our story



We have always like to things differently, learn more and be even better, these were some of the values that took us to the creation of Relance, values that still follow us to the present.


Passioned by the art of shoemaking and with a wide experience on the area, we wanted a company that represented the adventurous Portuguese spirit and the artisanal tradition of the shoemakers masters.

So that is how Relance’s story began in 2004, as a shoe factory for resale, where the tradition meets the innovation.

The combination between the wisdom of our artisanal masters and, constant innovation results in a product of high quality and comfort.

In 2009, we launched Relance Very Me, our own brand, to give voice to the modern cosmopolitan women that look for shoes with elegant design while simultaneous comfortable.

Last year, we created Rock n’ Dot, a brand inspired by retro style for any occasion, with the quality of the good old times.

Step by step, we built our path with several challenges, joys and bumps along the way, but after almost 20 years we can say that everything was worth it.

Join us while we write the next chapter of our successful story.

Every pair of shoes carries with it a piece of the Portuguese soul and expertise "

André Silva

Founder & COO

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